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Step 1 : Register Your Profile.

1. Fill in this registration form.

2. Upload your recent Photos. ( One Full Length and One Close Up)

Note : Please fill in the contact information fields. Profile without valid email and phone number will be deleted.

Step 2 : Check Your Email for Login Credentials.

1. Once you submit your form. Our team will review and verify your profile.

2. Your account will be activated and login details will be sent to your Email and phone number within 24 hours. 

Step 3 : View Other Members Profile.

1. View Members Profile Here.

2. Filter Profiles using the search box on the left.

3. Click on "Add to Favorites" button to add the member to your favorite list. You can check your favorite list by clicking on " My Favorites" tab in the menu bar.

Step 4: Contact a Member.

To contact a member, you need to login to your account first. then,

1. Click on the member profile to " Add him/her as a friend". 

2. Once the member has accepted your friend request, you can send a message or chat with them for free.

3. If you are very much interested in few profiles and like to know their contact information. You can send a message to them for free asking their contact information or else you can use our live chat support to request a contact. It will cost you only 50 RS for 5 Contact information. we need to charge this little amount for our time. 


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